Green Initiative

Green Initiative

Sustainable business

We love our planet just as much we love cocktails! The events industry produces a lot of waste and it’s important to make sure that we limit the impact we have on our environment, when we run so many events each year. We aim to be the lowest impact wedding and events beverage company going by a few small tweaks to our operations: recycling our waste, studying our routes to save on fuel emissions, using bio-degradable glassware whenever possible, and using paper straws. We sort our bar waste throughout events and take as much of the recycling as we can back to our yard – which also removes the stress of cleaning for our clients. Book with us and enjoy your event whilst knowing the environment is in conscious hands!

B Corp

We are currently workings towards being a B Corp organisation and currently working closely with our stakeholders to learn how we can evolve and be more efficient together. B Corporation make businesses a force for good, rather than an impact on the environment, and we’re excited to be going through the motions to reach B Corp status.




We take care and pride in selling products by companies who care as much as we do about the environment. We conduct annual reviews on our suppliers to see how they are working towards becoming more sustainable. We use local breweries and drink distributors, where possible, to reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses and communities. We are proud to stock Karma fair-trade and organic soft drinks, the market leaders in sustainability, also championing having B Corp status. Furthermore, we stock tonics and soda from Navasdrinks who source their water from a local Cornish natural spring and also donate 2% of every bottle profit to the Eden Project.

Local Suppliers
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Carbon Neutral Status

We have recently been awarded carbon neutral status by Carbon Neutral Britain Every
year, we track our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as a company and undergo a full detailed assessment of our operations by Carbon Neutral
Britain. The first step in reducing our impact is measuring the current impact we have. Once we know our carbon footprint we firstly minimise
any emissions we can, and then offset emissions we can’t reduce through various projects around the world.

To find out more please look at the four projects that we contribute towards to offset our emissions:

Andes Mountains Hydro Power – Chile
Energy Efficient Lighting – India
Salkhit Wind Farm – Mongolia
The Nkhata Bay Cook Stove Project - Malawi