Oxleaze Barn (situated just outside of Burford in the Cotswolds) will be holding its winter open day this weekend. It’s a great time to see the barn in full swing, speak to our team and sample wines from the menu. We take care of all drinks, glassware and table service at Oxleaze along with the evening party bar. Our daytime packages include; welcome drinks, wines, toast drinks and cocktails and our evening service can either be a cash/card bar or a free bar service.

Our permanent bar setup compliments the rustic feel of the barn and the lighting helps create a lovely atmosphere in the evening. Three years ago we started at Oxleaze with a mobile bar setup but as Oxleaze became busier and busier (and we provided a great service over and over again) we were invited to move in on a permanent basis – which we love!

If you’re free and able to make the open day this weekend then it would be great to see you. Wines and cocktails will be at the ready!