ocktails are in much higher demand than they were last year. Most of our weddings would now like a custom named cocktail for the evening to give the bar a personal touch. Our bartenders love making cocktails so this is music to their ears. This weekend they will be making Cosmopolitans, Gin Brambles and Mojitos for an event in the Midlands. The Cosmo has quite a sour finish and is a mix of vodka, cointreau and cranberry juice. The Gin Bramble is a lot sweeter and is a mix of gin, Creme de Mure and sugar syrup. Finally, the Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails and is a mix of white rum, soda, sugar and mint leaves. These three cocktails offer a great variety to the guests so that there is a cocktail for every taste.

In a few weeks time we have a cocktail bar lined up where it’s not just the taste of the cocktails and the speed of service but getting the drinks looking out of this world. The glasses will be of a range of shapes and designs and the ingredients and fruit garnishes will make every guest take a second look. We are also offering an exhibition flare tender that evening which will really get the atmosphere going around the bar. The great thing about cocktails is that it brings fun and excitement to the bar and opens up peoples minds as to what they can drink. Instead of drinking the norm go for something out of the ordinary and share with your friends.
Our cocktail bars are ready to go out to events all over England. We’re based in the Midlands so if you’re having a party in Birmingham we can always come along for a site visit free of charge!