Staff Cocktail Competition

This year we have decided to host our first cocktail competition for our staff. We look to develop our bartenders and try to encourage them even if that means them stepping out of their comfort zones a little.
An entertaining evening all around with our events manager & cocktail trainer Jake putting on a mini master class of new, exciting and flammable cocktails to get the creative juices flowing before the participants took the floor.
To ensure it was even playing field we decided on a “Mystery Box” style competition where each bartender selected a mystery ingredient at the start of the evening and they then had to mix that ingredient into a cocktail of their choice. They were judged on drink taste, appearance, presenting skills, bar skills and creativity. After some great creations, we must say congratulations to Max who was able to tame the heat of his ingredient – chilli into a coconut mojito. The coconut’s sweetness and the cooling mint flavour made for a well-balanced and refreshing cocktail.