Here at the Watering Hole we have realised over the years how important is is to advertise as much as we can. We have advertising techniques that stretch all over the England and Wales with a specific focus on the region of the West Midlands. In this area of the country we attend shows and exhibitions advertising the range of services that we offer. Last year we attended the Asiana Show at Edgbaston Cricket Ground in hope of increasing business within the indian wedding market. You can find the show here at

Moving forward we have made bigger board displays to take to our events which show our company logo and company details and we have also sign written all of our new vehicles. In a competitive market you need to try and stand out and so we throw a lot of our profit back in to the company to help generate more work for the following year. We have already attended West Country Marquees open day at Spetchley Park in Worcestershire which was a few weeks ago. We advertised our products and services along with our new photo booth option. This was a great way for potential customers to get a true understanding about what we offer and what our bars and other setups look like.

We have just had new cocktail boards made for our first cocktail bar of this year which is only just round the corner. This event in particular has over 400ppl attending and so we need to advertise the cocktails and mocktails that will be on offer.